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We are Manufacturers’ representatives serving Upstate NY, Vermont and Western MA for the Plumbing, Heating and Cooling industry in partnership with quality manufacturer's.  

We educate and train Engineers, Contractors and Wholesalers Distributors.



















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Phone: 518-621-7283

Fax: 518-375-7039


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19 Rustyville Rd.

Albany, NY 12211

High Efficiency Boilers, Indirect water heaters, Panel radiators and Solar Thermal Systems

Condensing boilers, Instantaneous Water Heaters and Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps

Manufactures system pressurization packages for closed hydronic heating and cooling systems and condensate neutralizers.

Residential and Commercial Burners, Heating Controls and Oil Tank Accessories

Complete line manufacture of oil filtration products for the heating oil industry.

Humidifiers, air cleaners, HRV & ERV’s, whole house dehumidifiers, UV air purifiers

Hydronic Radiant Heating, Plumbing, Thermal Solar Systems and Oil Storage Solutions.

Manufacture of torches for brazing, soldering and welding

HVAC Products

Plumbing Products

Safety and Tools 

Webster is a leading manufacture of fuel oil pumps and valves for the oil industry

Manufacture of Polypropylene venting systems for residential and commercial condensing heating equipment


Steven Grady

Cell Number (518) 424-7230

Rich Sebast

Cell Number (518) 573-4736

A leading manufacture of pumps and pump systems for heating and cooling systems

Dave Hartwell

Cell Number (845) 500-6855

Larry Caruso

Cell Number (802) 236-9007

Western MA & Northern NY

Albany - Western & Central NY

Vermont (Bosch/Buderus Only)

Hudson Valley - Binghamton Area

Ignition components heating applications of oil and gas fired equipment

Valve and Component Solutions to Industry Plumbing, Utility, HVAC & Process Applications

Heating & Plumbing Chemicals, Sealants, Rubber, Brass & Plastic Plumbing Parts, Tools and Accessories

Emergency Showers & Eyewash, Freeze protected Showers, Tempering Systems, Wall Cases, Eye, Ear & Hand Protection

Commercial Hot Water Heaters